Megan (rafferbee) wrote,

Squeezy Baby

Ever since the warm weather came and Greg has been wearing shorts and short sleeves, strange women have been coming up and squeezing my baby. I think its happened four or five times. I'm always to befuddled to say anything at the time. It happens so fast. Usually at the checkout line, they start admiring my baby, then reach into his stroller and give his arm or leg a squeeze. One time the woman was speaking to me in a foreign language, so I don't know if she would have understood anyway.


Maybe they think he's a can of biscuit dough? Now, I squeeze Greg daily, because he is so squishy, but that doesn't mean other people can. They never ask permission, either, probably because "May I squeeze your baby?" sounds like a bad request.

At my doctor's appointment, one of the nurses stopped to admire him, then circled back and was going to squeeze. Brendan jumped in front of Greg and said "No! My baby, mine!" and scared her off. Thank you Brendan!
Tags: biggie, greg

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