Megan (rafferbee) wrote,

We need to shout about Kevin

Matthew and I were resting in bed about a week ago when we heard Brendan shouting from the office. "Kevin, get in the spaceship! KEVIN! Get in the spaceship, Kevin!" he was so incensed we were rolling around laughing.

Then he gasped, "I bought you this spaceship and you don't like it? It cost a hundred dollars! Kevin, come back to the spaceship! Kevin, you're the worst ever."

Kevin soon became the usual suspect whenever any of Brendan's characters were misbehaving. We all started shouting "Get in the spaceship Kevin!" whenever we felt frustrated.

Then I started listening to the boys and the things they said to Kevin sounded familiar. "You need to go to school and get some learning Kevin!" Gregory said.

"Get outside Kevin! Michelle Obama said so, an hour a day!" Brendan said. Did I really sound like that?

But we are having the greatest fun with Kevin. Its so fun to shout at him and tell him off. He really is the worst. He never listens.
Tags: family

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